Mary Okoye👇

These pictures were taken in the hospital after the mortu..ary attendants have forced her to..ngue inside, her husband said she fell on the tiles and died but they have only rubber tiles in their house so when neighbors started saying he is responsible for her death he said it was grace who hit his own chest then fell on the ground and died,later he said she died in the dream,but neighbors said they saw him dragging grace inside the house the next thing they heard was him screaming and pouring grace water,there were fresh finger stripes on the husband’s face so when he was asked how come about the stripes he said he got it when he was trying to press his pimples mean while it Grace who pinched his face while struggling with her life, Neighbors said they heard Grace asking her husband of her money he collected before the man dragged her inside and strangled her, Nwanneka Okorie which is the husband is fund of collecting Grace money for alcohol because he has nothing tangible doing,, please we demand for justice.

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